Hot To Send The Perfect Naked Selfie

perfect naked selfie

With the power of smartphones and sites like Selfie Swiper, sending and receiving hot nude selfies has been become easier than ever. Just snap a quick pic with your phone cam, send it out to the hottie of your choice, and wait for the replies to come flooding in.

However, just sending a hasty photo during your bathroom break isn’t going to cut it if you’re really out to impress someone. Read on for the absolute essential guidelines in taking awesome naked selfies.

1. The Setup
Take a good look at where you are. Does the room you’re taking hot selfies in have good lighting? You want to make sure whoever’s receiving your sexy selfies can see what you want them to see. On the other hand, dim lighting is great for setting a sultry and seductive mood.

Next, check out your background. If you’re lying on your bed, it’s not much of a problem. Just make sure your sheets are clean and don’t have an embarrassing floral print or whatever.

But if you’re using a mirror, clean that damn glass! Smudges are so unattractive and will distract from your sexy photo. Then take a little time tidying up the room behind you, whether it’s your bedroom or bathroom. There should be no weird or distracting objects (e.g., piles of laundry, old towels, etc.) sitting behind you in the photo. Nobody wants a dirty room or mirror messing up an otherwise super hot naked selfie.

perfect naked selfie

2. Work your angles!
Sometimes it feels like once you’ve seen one nude selfie, you’ve seen them all. Everyone probably knows this basic AF selfie: the full body nude selfie in the bathroom mirror, deliberately looking away from the camera, maybe one hand behind the head. Or maybe it’s the naked selfie taken while lying in bed using the front cam, pointing straight down for a full frontal view.

Some people might argue that if it ain’t broke, why fix it? And they’re right. Those are perfectly fine sex selfies techniques. But on a site like Selfie Swiper, with thousands of steamy selfies floating around, don’t you want to stand out with better, hotter photos?

Try taking photos from the side to show off your toned arms or fine ass. Or, zoom in to only one body part to give it a little extra love and attention from your partner.

You can also play it coy by taking teasing, naughty selfies. Giving sneak peeks of your best bits by pulling your undies as low as possible, without giving anything away, is sure to drive your cybersex buddy wild.

Most importantly, eye contact is key! Don’t be afraid to give bedroom eyes in your nude pics! A sultry stare-down is a major turn on as it shows confidence. It’s bound to win over whoever you’re sexting.

3. Get hands-y
While using one hand to take naked selfies, keep the other one busy! Touch yourself to show your partner how much they turn you on. Either grope hard as you show them how you want them to touch you, or stroke lightly to show off your physique at the same time.

If you’re the cheeky type and want to tease them a bit, use your free hand to cover yourself strategically. Yes, fully nude selfies are loads of fun, but sometimes it’s cool to mix it up and seduce your partner slowly.

4. Get creative with your captions
Enough with the eggplant emoji, people! You already followed all the steps and went through all this effort to take your best nude selfie yet. Don’t let it fall flat with a boring, run of the mill caption. Some of the most cringe-worthy examples include, “I’m horny”, or even worse, “hey ;)”.

There’s no need to get all poetic on your chatmate’s [very fine] ass. Just put a little more thought and effort into the captions that come with your naked selfies. A simple “thinking about you ;)” accompanied by a seriously sexy selfie is enough to make the hottie you’re talking to feel special. See how that winky emoji goes from creepy to cool?

You’re done reading through the guide. Now what are you waiting for? Log into Selfie Swiper and start sending out those sexy nude selfies to all your favorite hotties!

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